Improving Customer Experience with AWS Cloud Infrastructure

Executive Summary

KITADIGI wanted to improve customer service and enhance its business efficiency by improving its IT infrastructure. We need it to control the user traffic of the application.

Great opportunities from the closed-loop market in the new world order

The idea of KITADIGI was born when we saw so many users in this country who needed applications to help them solve their daily needs.

KITADIGI gives them the convenience of transaction by using pay-later and installments which are directly deducted through their monthly salary.

The Needs because of the rising trend

KITADIGI has created innovation and changed the way people interact and communicate. It changed people’s habits

With the raising of its customers, KITADIGI faced problems for its storage accessibility and scalability. For sure the business has led to increased demand for data center and network bandwidth while also at the same time they need to address customer needs.

Enhance IT Infrastructure

Before using AWS, we find it difficult to scale, especially when there are new customers and tenants that require higher resources. As a result, our application is loading very long just to display the front page.

Then we looked for a solution for this, we compared the candidates, finally we chose AWS.

We chose AWS because the features provided by AWS are very complete, and AWS makes it easy for us to scaling. Not only for production applications. We also made it easy to provide a server environment for testing and development.

With AWS we can increase application speeds by up to 300% and it is not difficult if we have to scaling to higher resources.

About KitaDigi


KITADIGI is an IT Company that focuses on building digital markets specifically for the Cooperative, UMKM, and Community segments with closed markets (closed-loop), controlled, and measurable advantages.